Monday, January 12, 2009

YouTube wars

Just a few minutes ago I received the following email:

The IDF ("Israeli Defence Force", i.e. the Israeli Army) have set up broadcasts on U Tube explaining what's going on. U Tube wants to remove the IDF site, using the excuse that too few people are logging in to view it. Please visit the site and encourage all your friends to do so as soon as possible. Forward this email, so that many more people will log in and the IDF can continue to make its voice heard. Thanks! 

This struck me as rather strange because, on looking at the YouTube page, I saw that it has a fabulous number of views, and also that it's one of the most popular YouTube sites at the moment. In fact the Ha'aretz newspaper has a story on its front page today about how popular the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) clips are on YouTube.

And then I thought about it...what another brilliant Zionist trick...sending out emails telling people that too few people are logging into the site so that even more people will look at it. War is a dirty business and the Israelis are certainly winning this Internet war.

Note that the IDF's page on YouTube talks about its "humane action" in Gaza...... remind me to call in the IDF the next time I want some humane action killing almost 300 children in the last 2 weeks.

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