Sunday, January 11, 2009

A letter from Gaza

A friend from Gaza sent this email today:

Dear friend      

Last night passed as a hell on our area , where I live (For the one who knows Gaza : The house of President AbuMazen is the 2nd House adjacent to my House , where I live ) .
From my point of view , may be the Israeli Army started it's 3rd stage , or Israel wanted to send a message to Hamas and Egypt by escalating the bombardments using  every mean , but using Tanks artilleries in a very wide range .
It was the hardest nights passed until now , not because of the excessive force , but also because it was very close to my resident .

 When it comes to 7:00 O'clock in the morning war looks  to be reduced ,as the tanks returned back to their previous positions ,  and ambulances started moving to search for injuries and corpses !

As per Israeli radio , there were 60 targets been stroked and killed a reasonable number of Palestinian resistance fighters ( I presume that the majority of these targets were just close to me ) . Among these targets it was the residence of the Hamas ( Qassam)  military leader ( Ahmed Ja'abari- at Shajae'yya quarter ) .

 It is worth mentioning that Hamas succeeded to launch only 12 rockets yesterday on the Israeli far Cities ( Beer Shebaa , Ashkelon , Nitivot , and Ashdod ) , taking into consideration that the small range rockets on Sederot are rare in the time being .

Yesterday there were extra Palestinian civilian victims , when a 5 story residential building at East of Jabalia been stroked and 6 persons of the same family found killed under the residuals of their building ( Family name : Abed Rabbo) .
Not including the number of casualties of the last night , number of victims comes to 854 among them 352 children , and 93 women , and the injuries number comes to about 3500 among them 1300 children , and hundreds of severely injuries ( An interview with Dr. Mo'away Hassanain – Head of Emergency and ambulance services  with BBC at 23:30) .
Psychologically persons began to behave nervously , and children began to cry more  and insist to sleep close to their parents .
I my self sleep in one room on the ground with : my wife , my youngest son(19years) , the wife to my eldest son , my eldest son in addition to his 2 children : 4 years , and a baby of one month .

 Yesterday while the German foreign minister was accompanied with his  Egyptian colleague visiting the cross border in Rafah , there was a big bombardment on the smuggling tunnels which led him to leave the area , but safe , although there were shrapnels dropped on the Egyptian side of the borders .

 I do hope that the international community and UN can force the sides to cease fire , as it is enough !!

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